The Best Leads Are Calling

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Which are the best leads?

Without a doubt, it’s inbound phone leads.


The best leads are the ones that are ready to buy.


And by far, prospects that actually pick up the phone to call you are the most likely to make a purchase.

Grade-A leads like this are proven to:
• Convert and Close Faster
• Spend More
• Produce More Repeat Business

Don’t take our word for it – checkout the proof from Adobe.

If you read the study, you know that the number of phone calls from customers are on the rise.

And that marketers need to pay attention to how calls are initiated, to guide their strategies.


Bottom line: If your marketing isn’t prioritizing inbound calls – your business is missing a lot of revenue opportunities from the most valuable kind of customers.

Optimize your marketing to generate inbound phone leads

We recommend an approach that looks like this:

Better Visibility = More Traffic

It starts with insuring that you have visibility to customers searching for your services in the areas you serve. Fundamentally, ranking high in the keywords searches for those services + area. Also optimizing your Google My Business listing to make it even easier for customers to connect with your business and reviews.

Improved Conversions = More Calls

The next step is optimizing your website for conversions – especially phone conversions. While this starts with best practices, nothing beats testing and data to increase conversions. The difference is often much more than incremental. Increasing the traffic seeing your business to converting to phone calls, from 1% to 2% can have a profound effect on your bottom line. Imagine getting twice as many calls requesting a quote this year as last year!

More Customers = More Reviews

Online reviews also play a big factor in converting prospects to phone calls. If your business doesn’t have a reliable process to gather and respond to reviews, you don’t understand what a force multiplier they can be. Look again at the graphic above, and you can see that reviews drive increased engagement, visibility and conversions. They are literally a gold mine for your business. What you are doing about/with them can often be tied to how well you are converting prospects to callers.

= Better Visibility & Conversions

What goes around, comes around. In this case, what comes around can create significant growth for your business.

Get More Inbound Phone Leads For Your Business

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