Flat Rate Lead Generation

Learn how Flat Rate Lead Generation can increase your sales leads 2 to 3x within 60 days and help you dominate your local market.

How do our lead generation campaigns work?

We create an inbound funnel that drives people to your website, listings and online assets, and then convert them into phone inquiries. Some prospects may complete forms and become leads that way, but we don't count those. We are obsessed about generating inbound phone leads since they have been proven to convert faster, spend more and have higher retention rates (proof).

It takes up to 60 days for us start delivering strong results for a new client. If you are not happy with the results at the end of the initial 60 days WE WILL GIVE YOU ALL YOUR MONEY BACK.

Seriously. Our goal is to keep delivering the kind of powerful results, growing your business month-after-month, that will keep you as our customer for life.

No contracts or further obligations. We charge month-to-month, take all the risk, do all the work, and if you’re not happy with the results, you can cancel anytime. But you won't. 🙂 Once we unleash our marketing talents on your business, you'll be too busy with all your new customers.

This is how we do it:

1. Build the Funnel.
We start by understanding what services you offer, areas you serve, and evaluating any current marketing assets you have. From there, we aggressively work to improve your assets, create a funnel to attract leads, and get your phone ringing with quality new prospects.


2. Make it Stronger.
Each month, we take steps to measure and improve the production of leads and defend the placement of our funnel assets from competitors who will try to outrank us. While the specifics of how we do that will vary for each competitive industry, business and situation, generally our goal is to get you on the first page of search results for all the services you offer, in the areas you offer them. We then optimize your website and any other marketing assets you have to convert as many of this increased rate of prospects into inbound phone leads.

We also build other off-site and off-brand marketing assets and funnels to drive buyers to your business.


3. Dominate Search.
Why is it so important to rank highly in Google?

The short answer is the top results get the most traffic.


Page 1 search results get 94% of the traffic. Sites on page 2 of search results all compete for only 6% of the remaining traffic.


Ranking #1 in a keyword typically delivers a full 33% of all organic clicks. Ranking #2 gets 17% of the share. It goes downhill from there.

So, ranking high in your service keywords and areas you serve are key to capturing a greater market share of buyers.

(Click here for the long answer with sources)

4. Expand Your Digital Footprint.
Once we have established dominance in Google, we move to expand your dominance to other relevant digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, etc.


5. Create a Bulletproof Business Reputation.
We also work to manage your reputation and gather as many positive reviews as possible, while addressing any negatives. We will setup a campaign to manage this to be hands-free for you.


6. Steal Business From Your Competitors.
Once your primary inbound funnel is up and running, we work to develop additional lead generation funnels (imagine having your site ranked 1st on Google for your best keywords, and we can create sites that rank as #2 and #3 that also funnel all their leads to you!)

We can also create strategic, hyper-targeted campaigns to increase your market penetration during peak seasons and selling cycles to drive those customers to your business instead of your competition.

Basically, we will obsess each month over driving more and more inbound phone leads to you –in a way that takes more and more away from your competition.

How We Calculate Your Flat Rate Pricing.

Flat Rate Pricing can vary substantially, based on the scope of services you offer, your geographic area, and the level of competition in your area. We will discuss with you the optimal price when you contact us, after we understand your services, service areas and business goals.

There is no obligation or commitment to start a monthly retainer – meeting with you simply gives us the information we need to give you the best price for your program.

When you decide you want to proceed, we will invoice you. Once you pay the initial invoice, our team goes to work!

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