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Your real estate database is a GOLD MINE and the key to your success if you plan to work by relationship and not cold call. Think of your real estate lead generation as simply having conversations with those people who you’ve selected to be in your database.

A REALTOR database is all about the humans rather than the drip campaigns they may receive. If you truly know the human on your list and they know you’re a great agent, it doesn’t matter how many other agents they know. Isn’t it fun to think that your real estate marketing doesn’t have to feel like advertising?

The simple way to think of the real estate sphere of influence is it’s just people you know.
The better your database is, the easier lead generation for real estate agents is. These are simple systems for real estate agents, that when you’re doing them don’t even feel like “systems.”
This video shares how to get more people in your sphere of influence real estate based in mostly organic ways.

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Your real estate database management becomes a living, breathing process, and your “list” can always be changing and upgrading.

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