Leads generation Through Gated Content [podcast]

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Do you know the best practices for using gated content? How do they apply at lead generation? We dig straight into these questions on our latest podcast episode.
The posting Lead Generation Through Gated Content material [podcast] made an appearance first on DemandScience.Therefore , this is a controversial topic. In case you use gated content or even leave it open on your own website? What about with leads? Well, there are a lot of differing views on this matter, but 1 rings true above all else. You need to understand your audience.

Exactly what Content Your Buyers Really want

When focusing on lead generation, the particular content you promote needs to stand by itself. It needs to have an immediately existing value that drive attention and thought leadership close to your solutions. If accomplished correctly, using gated articles can be a huge difference maker for the lead generation strategy.

That being said, 1 question you’re probably thinking about is “why does it issue if I hate my articles or not? ”. The answer is easy. Using gated content designed for revenue focused campaigns, such as lead generation, has the ability to show instant results. You can capture potential clients quickly with the form floods and start tracking conversion rates plus metrics. This practice offers the ever elusive goal associated with predictable revenue- and your company executives/ investors really like in order to predict revenue if they may.

Luckily, you don’t have to go on this particular journey alone! We lately recorded a podcast along with PureB2B’s president Chris Stand, and Blue Prism marketing and advertising manager, Lisa Hackbarth. They will talk all about when in order to gate your content and precisely why. Check it out here!

Questions we all cover in this episode:

What exactly is your experience with gated content material in your role? How have you ever approached/ are you approaching content material generated leads? Talk about your own experience nurturing leads and exactly how it pertains to content. Any kind of recommendations on types of content that will perform well in marketing? Do you recommend gating content? Precisely why or why not?

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