Make a TikTok REAL ESTATE TUTORIAL – Making real estate lead generation fun and easy!

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Walking you through TikTok step by step. Like actually on my phone screen showing you EXACTLY what buttons to push and how to pull it all together.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to add text, music, hashtags, a title and UPLOAD!!
What videos should you actually make?

Not sure how to use TikTok for business? Here’s your simple marketing on TikTok strategy.

Real estate TikTok can actually be a fun way to get to know your future clients, and also other agents!

TikTok for real estate agents will also give you a way to directly connect your audience to your YouTube channel, or other social media platforms!

⭕Want examples on how to use TikTok for real estate leads? Check out my account at @Realmotherhustler and copy anything I do! Hop over to TikTok for realtors and see what fun we’re having.

Social media for real estate agents can be fun and you want to stand out among the crowd!

There is power in social media for realtors and it’s all about the connection with your audience.

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My name is Alisia Krastel, and I’m a mom, with 3 kids, and 2 businesses, which is why I NEED my real estate business to be simple and powerful.

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