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Real estate lead generation with coffee? Say what?! Yes, it’s all about appreciating your clients and sphere and creating a conversation. Coffee (or any treat) can also warm the heart and is a gateway straight to your favorite peeps.

A mobile URL code to treat your peeps to a drink or snack of their choice is one of the least time intensive real estate lead generation ideas

Realtor lead generation can literally be anything that sparks a conversation, so don’t get lost in the details. And, if the coffee ideas isn’t for year, you have plenty of other options here:


I hope you enjoy these ideas to simplify lead generation for real estate agents and REALTOR marketing ideas. Developing relationships is how to get real estate leads without cold calling.

You can take all the real estate coaching available and what getting clients boils down to is connection and conversation. Everything we do is to spark that.

This is a lead generation hack or REALTOR hacks that can help new or seasoned agents.

Also, pop it in your file for client appreciation ideas and real estate sphere of influence marketing. Your real estate sphere of influence is your gold mine. Treat your peeps accordingly.

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