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Real estate lead generation does not have to be a dirty word. There are some fun and very effective real estate lead generation ideas that can simply be part of your life. Real estate lead generation 2022 can look like sending cards of appreciation, congratulation or compassion to your friends, family and clients.
The best lead generation for real estate involves something that suits who you are. If you are dreading lead generating, it’s because you’re doing something that’s not in alignment with who you are

Send Out Cards for REALTORS ® is an option, yet you can use any card sending service, it’s the client attraction strategy itself that is effective.

Yes, it’s real estate marketing, yet it is so much more. It show the people you know that you care about and appreciate them. What’s better than that? For me it’s been the best lead generation for real estate clients and relationship building. I would say it’s tied with client events for ROI in my business.

This strategy can be really powerful in getting real estate leads for new agents and veteran agents alike.
Simple client appreciation ideas, like a card, can mean the world to your sphere. You can have a lead generation marketing strategy that is so effective, as well as enjoyable. Most of the industry wants you to believe real estate prospecting is GRUELING. It doesn’t have to be. This is how to get real estate referrals without being sales.
This is a perfect lead generation for new real estate agents to deepen relationships without calling “everyone you know.”

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