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Real estate lead generation ideas for VIDEO!
Social media content for REALTORS ®, without making it your second full-time job! Create the outline for 37 social media posts for real estate within minutes and using one simple question.

In 2023, real estate lead generation can be done largely with social media content for real estate agents, IF it’s done right.

The topics you create from this video can standing up to many of the traditional real estate lead generation ideas out there, and allow you to leverage your time.

Real estate content creation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this video, I break down how to do this simply by asking questions and the content naturally comes.
Rreal estate content marketing is powerful. Take it from this mom REALTOR®, who makes the most of every second she has.

Social media marketing for REALTORS is not simply making videos off a list of ideas.

If you want help with exactly what real estate post ideas to post to attract sellers, check out this video: It gives many specific real estate social media post ideas.

HOW do you get your your audience to pay attention to social media posts for REALTORS ? Use a HOOK! Here is how HOOK
🔥Your real estate social media posts can be GOLD – if you lead with the right hook!

Hooks can actually be used in all your REALTOR marketing ideas!

Social media for real estate agents, is often a free or inexpensive way to get people to kn ow you before you even meet them, or engage your friends of friends.

🔥Marketing for REALTORS

🔥POSTS that attract SELLERS

🔥REALTOR lead generation on TikTok

🔥Generate your own FREE LEADS:

I hope you’ll find the best way to get real estate leads is a plan that fits who you are.

🔥/// Work with me Work with me🔥

My name is Alisia Krastel, and I’m a mother hustler, with 3 kids and 2 businesses, which is why I need to leverage the best tools and strategies for lead generation and relationship bulding.

I’m an EXP Realty Maryland agent, yet have worldwide connections and can sponsor any agent in any location.
What does partnering with me at EXP look like?
FREE access to my Results Accelerator program
Coaching 1-1 with me to guide you to powerful business
Access to daily calls in our Family Tree by amazing agents
Templates and social media training
Guide to starting your own YouTube channel, TikTok page, LinkedIn and more!
Connections to some of the most amazing agents across the country in the business. If you need help, I know the person to connect you with.

Or email me for a guest pass,

REAL ESTATE COACH – I help agents build real estate around their strengths and priorities so they can have powerful, consistent businesses.

Say hi on social:
Tiktok: @realmotherhustler

8115 Maple Lawn Blvd., Suite 350, Fulton, MD 20759
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