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💥💥Real estate lead generation that’s free and powerful, that you can actually do TODAY, while watching this video? Let’s go uncover those referral opportunities from your sphere of influence real estate agents.

Real estate lead generation ideas are endless, yet most agents go wide instead of deep. Today’s REALTOR hacks are to go deep and slow down! Don’t worry, I have a sphere of influence real estate script (hate that word) that is not scripty or salesy.

I call my SOI real estate my gold mine, because it truly is. you can’t sit back at let the opportunities come to you, though, we have to dig if we want free real estate leads.

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Also, among the lead generation hacks is to treat every single human you encounter as a potential advocate for your business – NOT A BUYER OR SELLER.

Real estate leads for REALTORS is actually pretty easy to get… but solid, locked down referrals are the gold. That’s what we are after. We don’t want to chase people who we have to convince to trust us.

Lead generation for new real estate agents can work the same way, even though you don’t have a list of past solds to go off of. You can still list out your sphere and deposit into those relationships, and look for patterns among your sphere.

This is how to generate real estate leads for free – I do this and many other agents are successful doing the same. Beats traditional real estate prospecting,

Some of these I am affiliate for, so I may benefit.

How to execute things I talked about in the video:
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