Why is Google rank so important?

Let’s say you sell a service.

You sell that service in certain areas.

Buyers who are looking for that service search for that service on Google.

They may search for service keyword

Google search for service


They may search for service keyword near me

Google service near me


Google wants to deliver the most relevant results possible to help them find what they are looking for as fast as possible. Google also knows where they are searching from, even if they don’t use a location keyword.

So, Google ranks the results and delivers it to the searcher in a paginated list.

The first page of results (which is the top 10 results along with some Ads and sometimes 3 map pins) gets the majority of traffic.

Page 1 results get approximately 94% of the traffic.

Page 2 of search results get approximately 6%.

If you’re on page 3, you may get occasional visitors, but it’s a small trickle. Below that, forget it.


That’s right, if you are not ranking on page 1 of Google search results for your service keywords, in the areas you serve, you are basically fighting for scraps of prospects.


Where the traffic goes on Google page 1 results. 

Ranking #1 averages about 33% of all the clicks.

Ranking #2 averages about 17% of the clicks.

Ranking #3 averages about 11% of the clicks.

Ranking #4 averages about 8% of the clicks.

Ranking #5 averages about 6% of the clicks.

And it drops further from there.

The remaining 5 rankings on page 1 compete for 17% of clicks.



Valuable prospects with high intent.

These are people searching for a specific service in their area. They have high purchase intent and are at various stages of consideration. These are very valuable inbound prospects.

You want to be on their short list of service providers.


The business impact of ranking high.

Imagine naturally, organically getting a much larger share of prospects who are searching for the specific services you offer in the areas you serve.

Unlike using Ads to get in front of these hot prospects where you have to pay per click (and are limited to less prospects than you can get organically), you can rise to the top of organic search results and enjoy all the benefits of that traffic at a fraction of the cost.

With ads, if you stop paying, you stop getting traffic. With organic rankings, the traffic just keeps coming. 


Imagine getting a higher percentage of leads than the competition in your area. For a lower cost than ads.

This is one sure way to grow your market share. 

That’s why organically ranking high, for your service keywords, in the areas you offer them, is so powerful.



Have a dramatic effect on your growth 

Combine higher rankings with conversion optimization = converting more existing traffic into leads.

Improving conversions from 1% to  2% = double the amount of inbound leads, with no additional work.



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